River Tours

  • Roanoke River Run 2019

    The Roanoke River truly is a a road less traveled and we are excited to share this 342-mile adventure on what is now a protected wilderness waterway! August 12-14, 2019
  • Savannah River Tour 2019

    This is the 'original' Discovery River Tour and still gets rave reviews each and every year. The ride on this scenic river, great food and superior lodging are what have made this trip a classic for the past 20+ years. Date: Sept. 13 - 15, 2019
  • St. Johns River Tour 2019

    This trip is all about exploring the St. Johns River and some of its unique attractions that will take us far, far away from the Florida crowds and beaches. Date: Oct 12-14, 2019
  • Apalach River Run 2019

    This 380-mile river adventure takes you from south GA to the FL panhandle, and back. You'll travel 5 scenic rivers, 1 lake, 1 bay and 1 lock. Enjoy premium waterfront lodging! Date: June 16 - 18, 2019

  • Alabama River Run

    This river tour begins just south of Selma, Alabama on the Alabama River.
  • Black Warrior River

    Our newest river adventure on the Black Warrior River is the perfect starter trip for new touring enthusiasts and a fun run for the veteran travelers, too!
  • Cumberland River Tour

    On this Discovery expedition you'll experience the most eastern and northern reaches of the navigable Cumberland River.
  • Louisiana Loop

    This trip is a favorite of crew and guests alike! It's a spectacular journey that will take us through the Atchafalaya Basin in south central Louisiana.
  • Santee-Cooper Loop

    Enjoy the fun and sun on Discovery River Tour's only 'loop' trip available this year. You'll travel a total of 200 miles on the Santee River, and the Cooper River, as well as the Intracoastal Waterway and the Tailrace Canal.
  • St. Marys-Altamaha

    This is an all new version of a similar trip we ran in 2002 and we are excited about the changes and improvements to our route! We'll begin this southeast Georgia adventure near Jesup, GA on the Altamaha River.
  • Tenn-Tom River Adventure

    We would like to announce the return of our greatest river adventure ever, the Tenn-Tom River Adventure! Get ready for a five day, 780-mile journey of a lifetime that will take you as far north as Columbus, Mississippi and as far south as Mobile Bay on the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Tombigbee-Mobile Trip

    This great trip takes the best part of two of our river trips (the 3-day Alabama & 7-day Tenn-Tom Adventure) and combines them into one awesome three-day ride!
  • Okee-Lucie River Trip

    This 320-mile trip takes you across the state of Florida from east coast to west coast, and back! You'll traverse several locks and take a side trip on the St. Lucie River.
  • Cumberland River Trip II

    On our newest version of our Cumberland River Trip, we will start our adventure near Gainesboro, TN and we'll travel the Cumberland River as far west as Nashville. Date:
  • “Hoochicola” Adventure

    The mileage packed "Hoochicola" River Adventure will take you on 500 miles of water travel in three days!
  • Cape Fear River Trip

    This river trip takes place in eastern North Carolina and follows the Cape Fear River from our start point in Fayetteville, N.C. to our destination of Wilmington, N.C., which will be our home base for two nights.
  • Okee-Kissimmee Tour

    On this very popular 364 mile tour you'll visit a piece of "old" Florida, where sugar cane, citrus and cattle ranches cover the landscape instead of theme parks and shopping malls.
  • PeeDee-Waccamaw River Trip

    Explore South Carolina's scenic waterways on this 322 mile river trip to our riverfront destination of Conway. Blackwater rivers, old growth cypress, blue heron, eagles and old plantation homes.